The youth are our beacon to guide us, but our Anthems of Believe, Hope & Light are to allow us to honor those we have lost and let our youth know we will provide for them. We will have new faces, hear new voices, and live new stories to shape the future.

The Global Creative Economy is an acknowledgment and celebration of the impact that the arts have on our society, culture, and economy worldwide. From music to film to architecture to technology, and everything in between, it all starts with the magic that happens when an idea ignites a vision of possibilities. 

Everywhere we turn, the creative works of individuals influence our daily lives. With a few strokes of our fingers, we navigate our smartphones’ sleek design to find the song that moves us to our destination. We can thank artists and designers for those tangible assets. They both drive and benefit from the creative economy. 

Join us on our journey toward a thriving global creative economy by supporting youth educational programs in the creative fields. Your contributions are needed now more than ever, especially in underserved communities where COVID further impacts families most vulnerable to the pandemic. 

Together, we can empower our youth to step firmly on their chosen creative paths toward a viable and sustainable future. Let’s ensure our youth will have the opportunity to contribute to innovation and their local economies, so their voices can serve as inspiration for future generations of creatives.

Giselle Alers

Founder & CEO

In Support of

We will be introducing Anthem of Believe, Hope, and Light as a
global call to action for all youth who have lost a parent/guardian impacted by COVID-19.

  • The 2021 Year of Creative Economy – United Nations (UN)
  • UN World Conference of Women
  • UN Commission on the Status of Women
  • Introduction to the Ambassador of Creative Economy for SocialJustice

Advancing the 2030 agenda through creative industries at the global level and building the creative economy for sustainable development.

Proceeds from the Global Economy Festival Anthem song honoring youth whose parents/guardians died of COVID-19 health complications.

Philanthropy for Social Justice for our global youth will provide grants to support in three areas:

I. Ivette Alers Elizalde Scholarship

To support all aspects of education for youth impacted by the loss of parent/guardian due to complications of COVID -19. This grant will be fordiverse youth and to meet all of their educational needs such as supplies, devices, tuition, uniform/clothing, transportation to and from school, and related essentials.

The Ivette Alers Elizalde Grant pays tribute to the younger sister of Global Creative Economy founder Giselle Alers and is for youth who losta parent or guardian to COVID-19.

Through the Scholarship, Ivette’s legacy in education will continue to live on from theclassroom through a global network of emerging and professional creatives.

We proudly support talent from diverse and underserved communities, helping createopportunities for youth that will ignite their spark of innovation to drive the economies in allsectors.

II. Youth Economic Empowerment Grants – Training and development for youth in communities of color to seek exposure to financial literacy, entrepreneurship, creative economy, and empowerment.

– Career exploration in the production and creative arts industry
– Innovation in Media Influencer in Technology
– Areas of focus will be Youth and Families impacted by incarceration
– Exploration in STEMM Science, Technology, Engineer, Math, and Music

III. Creative Empowerment for Challenged Youth Grant

Youth with special needs who require assistance for mental or physical disabilities can receive educational grants in support of youth impacted by the loss of a parent/guardian due to complications of COVID-19. Grants for Training and development for youth in communities of color seeking exposure to financial literacy, entrepreneurship, creative economy, and empowerment.

Grants will be managed by
The Ladies of Hope Ministries (THE LOHM)

The Ladies of Hope Ministries (The LOHM) mission is to create alternatives to incarceration, decarceration and post incarceration opportunities by providing access to resources for education, entrepreneurship, and sustainability throughadvocacy.

THE LOHM is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit agency.

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Founder and CEO

Ambassador of Social Justice for Creative Economy

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