Global Creative Economy Inc (GCE) is a for-profit organization aiming to promote the importance of creative industries globally by serving as a facilitator among the main stakeholders:  government, private sector, academia and civil society. GCE is an international organization with a financial capacity-building business model, that supports the United Nations (UN) General Assembly Resolution A/RES/74/198, the International Year of Creative Economy 2021.

The creative economy is recognized as a significant sector and a meaningful contributor to national gross domestic product. It has spurred innovation and knowledge transfer across all sectors of the economy and is a critical sector to foster inclusive development. Whether arts and crafts, books, films, paintings, festivals, songs, designs, digital animation, video games, or any of the many other forms of creativity, creative industries are more than just sectors with good economic growth performance and potential. They are expressions of the human imagination spreading important social and cultural heritage values.

Global Creative Economy Inc is, among other things, a business incubator for creative industry.

For countries and government agencies

  • GCE will support capacity-building, public-private partnerships
  • Undertake research and policy dialogue
  • Develop an inventory of, and access to, data, best practice, technology development and innovation

For academia, civil society and private sector, both companies and individuals

  • GCE will promote learning
  • Sharing best practice and existing knowledge
  • Produce new knowledge through innovation ideas and projects
  • Build capacity, and partnerships

GCE will compliment the contributions of partnering organizations, and enhance the way these resources contribute to financing for national development, while centralizing human development.

Under post-COVID19 and the challenges many countries will be facing to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), GCE will contribute to the advancement of the SDGs by building business incubators and financial capacity-building for the development of the creative economy.

Propel Social Action: Creating or Enhancing Your Foundation

Your Legacy
Foundation Creation
Your Insights into actions

The strategic and intentional investment will be transformational for your community and impact poverty alleviation.

  • Advancing Social Change engaging with your team’s shared views on how the change will happen with tools and creative practices.
  • Individual & Family Foundations: Shaping your philanthropic vision while continuing to reach your pinnacle in your community while maintaining your uniqueness & autonomy.

Connection with Commodities

Economics of Commodities
Poverty Alleviation
Your Insights into action

The resourcing and classification of commodities to propel countries development

  • Tourism, Agriculture, Arts & Entertainment, Science & Technology, Education, Entrepreneurship.
  • Identifying historical patronage commodities.
  • Introduce commodities to new partnerships for-profit and poverty alleviation

Global Creative Economy One Sheet